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Freepersonal licence holder mock exam to pass personal licence test questions for work Security Industry Authority. For personal licence course questions test you must go through real exam. For that we provide mock personal licence exam real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics like mock exam for personal licence, personal licence course.

APLH Exam Questions

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In this test you have to answer personal licence practice test. To get pass personal licence mock test online you must score at least 28 answers correct from 40 questions. So Enjoy these aplh mock exam questions to get enough knowledge for personal licence exam online attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Practice APLH Test 01

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Q:1-What is the purpose of a Personal License?
Mark one answer:

To authorize late night refreshments
To supervise regulated entertainment
To allow the sale of alcohol
The sale of hot refreshments

Q:2-Personal License Holders are not allowed to sell?
Mark one answer:

Hot food
Late night refreshments
More than 50 Litres of Alcohol a day

Q:3-How long is a personal License valid for?
Mark one answer:

3 years
10 years
5 years

Q:4-What is the definition of ‘foreign’ offence?
Mark one answer:

An offence that is irrelevant in the UK
An offence committed in a European country, but it is also similar to a relevant offence in the UK
An offence that you cannot be convicted for in the UK
An offence committed outside a European country, but it is also similar to a relevant offence in the UK

Q:5-What does ‘PLH’ stand for?
Mark one answer:

Personal Licence Holder
Probation Limit Holder
Premises Licence Holder
Personal lifetime Holder

Q:6-Which of the following changes would a PLH need to inform the Licencing Authority of?
Mark one answer:

Change of home address
Change of work address
Change of marital status
Change of car

Q:7-Who has the authority to object to a Personal Licence Application?
Mark one answer:

Police Officer
The Licensing Authority

Q:8-Which of the following would prevent one from obtaining a Personal Licence?
Mark one answer:

If an applicant is an Alcoholic
If an applicant is under 18 years of age
If an applicant has more than 5 convictions
If an applicant has a low credit score

Q:9-What is the role of the Licensing Authority?
Mark one answer:

They permit certain number of Premises Licences per area
They choose all DPS in the UK
They promote the sale of alcohol
They deal with all Licensing applications within England and Wales

Q:10-What is a ‘DPS’?
Mark one answer:

Designated Police Superior
Deputy Police Sergeant
Designated Personal Supervisor
Designated Premises Supervisor

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