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Free 11 plus past papers maths to pass 11 plus maths test online free. For 11 plus long maths questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide 11 plus maths worksheets free 2017 real test. We discuss in these 11 maths practice papers free from different topics like 11 plus maths practice papers online free, 11 plus maths sample papers 2017.

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In this test you have to answer 11 plus maths sample questions. To get pass 11 plus practice papers online 2017 you must answers correct. So Enjoy these 11 plus practice tests online to get enough knowledge for free 11 plus practice tests attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

11 Maths Questions And Answers

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Q:1-The table shows the highest temperature in Milford each day for a week. What is the mean of these temperatures?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 10 °C
B:- 9 °C
C:- 6 °C
D:- 12 °C
E:- 7 °C

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Q:2-Five scones cost £2.85 and three teas cost £1.80. What is the total cost of one scone and one tea?
Mark one answer:

A:- £1.17
B:- £1.27
C:- £1.37
D:- £1.47
E:- £1.57

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Q:3-A bucket holds 5 litres of water. 250 ml of water is drained from the bucket every minute. How many minutes will it take for the bucket to be empty?
Mark one answer:

A:- 20 minutes
B:- 25 minutes
C:- 30 minutes
D:- 35 minutes
E:- 40 minutes

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Q:4-What is the size of angle a?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 50°
B:- 55°
C:- 60°
D:- 65°
E:- 70°

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Q:5-Craig has 4 dogs. He has to buy each dog a collar (c) and six tins (t) of dog food. Which expression shows how many collars and tins of food he needs to buy?
Mark one answer:

A:- 4tc
B:- c + 4t
C:- 4c + 4t
D:- 4(c + 6t)
E:- 4 + c + t

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Q:6-What are the coordinates of Point Q?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- (3, 7)
B:- (7, 9)
C:- (2, 9)
D:- (7, 7)
E:- (2, 7)

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Q:7- Cliff has a bag of tennis balls. 8 are green, 7 are yellow and 5 are white. He picks a tennis ball at random. What is the probability that he picks one that is not green?
Mark one answer:

A:- 3/5
B:- 2/10
C:- 8/20
D:- 3/4
E:- 5/8

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Q:8-Jodie works for a bookshop. She is paid £6.50 an hour plus 5% of the cost of each book she sells. On Saturday, Jodie worked for 3 hours and sold £220 worth of books. How much money did Jodie earn?
Mark one answer:

A:- £30.50
B:- £30.60
C:- £30.70
D:- £30.80
E:- £30.90

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Q:9-The cost of travel insurance in pounds (C) is worked out using the equation below:
C = 10 + 20(x – 1)
x is the number of weeks that a customer is travelling for. A customer wants travel insurance for 6 weeks. How much should the customer be charged?

Mark one answer:

A:- £110
B:- £115
C:- £120
D:- £125
E:- £130

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Q:10-Look at the sequence below:
4 9 16 25 36
Which expression could be used to find the nth term in this sequence?

Mark one answer:

A:- n²
B:- n² + 3
C:- n² – 3
D:- 2n + 2
E:- (n + 1)²

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